Why is my Alto Not hitting? – Vuse Light on But Not Hitting | Nimble Freelancer (2024)

Why is my Alto Not hitting? – Vuse Light on But Not Hitting | Nimble Freelancer (1)

In this article, I will present how to fix your Alto when not hitting.

The Vuse Alto vape pen is sleek and intuitive, with a light-up tip and a 0.5ml cartridge. Its auto-draw feature allows you to inhale from the pen to activate it, and the battery life will last for about 500 puffs.


The pen “s” lacks silver; the cartridges are in cherry or classic tobacco flavors. They have a 3% nicotine content, so they’re ideal. They want a minor nicotine hit without going overboard on their habit.

Why is my Alto Not hitting? – Vuse Light on But Not Hitting | Nimble Freelancer (2)

The pen is also compatible with Vuse’s new system, Vuse’s slots, which lets you swap out your cartridges without replacing the whole device. This is great if you want variety in flavors or to try out different strengths before committing yourself to one taste (or if you like having options).

When using Vuse Alto, you may notice that it doesn’t reproduce. This is because the device has a built-in sensor that detects when it is being used inside an enclosed area and automatically shuts down to prevent potential damage to your health or safety.

Why is my Alto Not hitting? – Vuse Light on But Not Hitting | Nimble Freelancer (3)

This feature protects you and others from secondhand smoke, which can cause serious health issues if exposed regularly. The Vuse Alto also has a battery-saving technology that shuts down after 20 seconds when it detects no activity. So you don’t have to worry about don’t battery life if you forget to turn it off!


However, “th” re the “em” s when your Alto doesn’t hit. You’re on the You’repage to You’rewhy!

Why is my Alto not hitting?

Your Alto Vuse does not usually hit because the battery gets low. Sometimes, the cartridge and the battery connection are weak or unreliable. You can have problems with cartridges or connections. To fix this problem, you need to check the Alto Vuse charge.

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If your “us” Alto is “no” hitting, there’s no cure. Below are some things to check and troubleshoot to find out why your Alto is not hitting.

To fix if the Vuse Alto battery is not turning on:

  • For 3-5 seconds, hold down the power button.
  • If it still doesn’t turn odoesn’tk to don’tit, it’s charged.

its button iit’s1″]

I will show “you bel “w “what the Alto battery looks like:

Below is presented Alto battery :

Why is my Alto Not hitting? – Vuse Light on But Not Hitting | Nimble Freelancer (4)

How to fix a burnt Alto pod?

  • Check the Charge

If your battery isn’t entirely connected, the connection between the cartridge and the battery may be weak or unreliable. You can charge your Vuse Alto with any standard micro-USB cord and plug, so if you don’t have a mdon’tUSB cord, don’t grab one at any electronics store or drug store.

If your battery is fully charged but still not hitting hard enough, try cleaning the connection between the cartridge and the battery chamber by inserting a cotton swab into each end of the cartridge to remove any residue. Then, please turn off your device by pushing the power button five times consecutively until it flashes orange. After waiting a few seconds, press the power button five more times to activate it again; this will reset its internal settings to help restore its performance to standard.

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If none of the “e “steps work, remove both end caps from the empty Alto pod and use a cotton swab to clean out debris blocking airflow through the pod’s ports or preventing it from making good contact with other components inside the housing.

  • Charge the Vuse Alto Device

To charge the device, use the USB charger with your Vuse Alto. Plug your device into a charger that is not connected to any other electronic device. When charging, the light on your device will be on for 10 seconds and off for 10 seconds.

  • Clean the Connections

If the device stops working, that usually means the battery needs to be charged. However, if it’s completely charged and still not working, you might have a lousy pod or a dirty connection. Cleaning the connections is pretty simple. You can use a cotton swab to clean the metal contacts on the battery and pod.

Usually, the most common problem is battery connection, and you need to push and make the connection better like this:

Why is my Alto Not hitting? – Vuse Light on But Not Hitting | Nimble Freelancer (6)

Press down on your pod to ensure it is firmly connected to the battery. Also, ensure your pod isn’t damaged or has no airflow. You can always buy new ones.

You should also check your battery charge level by checking how many lights are lit on the light band near where you insert your pod into your Vuse Alto battery unit. The more lights lit, the more juice your battery has left.

If you d “t” is “co” rectly, you will see the light like this:

Why is my Alto Not hitting? – Vuse Light on But Not Hitting | Nimble Freelancer (7)

  • Try a Different Cartridge

If you’ve tried the above solutions and your Vuse Alto is still not hitting, it’s time to use a different cartridge. A new cartridge can help you determine whether or not the problem lies in your device or the pod itself. If your Vuse Alto typically hits with a different cartridge, the problem was likely with the previous one. Your battery might be wrong if your device isn’t working even with a replacement cartridge. The best thing to do now is contact customer support for help!

If your Vuse Alto still doesn’t hit after trying these steps, contact Customer Care for further help.

If your Vuse Alto still does not hit after trying the steps above, please contact Customer Care. You can reach them by calling their hotline or sending a direct email.


It’s always important to know that whatever devices we use will malfunction or not work as they should. As you know, Vuse Alto is a new e-cigarette marketed as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. However, the product may not be performing as well as expected. The reasons for this may vary accordingly. It’s always urgent to contact customer care to address the issue.

Keep in mind not to do anything you’re unfamilyou’reth it thyou’reld be a risk.


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Why is my Alto Not hitting? – Vuse Light on But Not Hitting | Nimble Freelancer (2024)
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