Vuze stopped working after update (2024)



Vuze stopped working after update (1)

Running another P2P program while Vuze is running will stall your downloads badly as well. So it might be that there is not much to do in this case.ĭownloading as fast as your connection allows requires good settings based on the upload speed of your Internet connection. Sometimes, in Task Manager, it may temporarily appear with a 'Suspended' status, and then go away with a blink of an eye. So the download can easily take hours or days with the biggest files. After the latest update, Microsoft Edge does not work anymore. The downloaded files can be really big.So, having a more upload speed in your ADSL/cable connection will also speed your downloads. In general, your download speed corresponds a lot to your upload speed.Press Windows key+R to open Run then type: services.msc. Select Bluetooth then click Run this troubleshooter. The torrent's downloaders' total download speed matches the total upload speed. Unplug the computer for 30 minutes, then plug it in again and turn on. As there is no central server, your download speed is directly dependent on uploads from others.

Vuze stopped working after update (2)

I also disabled new updated until 2-2-2021. Now my machine does not work even though I restored it to a previous point (this worked before but it is not working now.) I restored my computer to 1-21-2021. I've moved onto Transmission, and while I like the simple layout of the app, one feature I really miss from Vuze is the little warning that pops up when you are downloading a same torrent that you have downloaded in the past. The low speed or inactivity may also be due to low amount of seeds/peers in the torrent, or their slow upload capability. I had already done the things suggested on that page, it does not work. Like everyone else, after Big Sur update on my Mac, Vuze stopped working.So, it is quite possible that torrent remains active with "downloading" status, but is not actively downloading anything as there is nobody to download from. It is quite possible with a "new" torrent or one with "small" swarm (only a few peers), that the missing pieces are not available.But I'll use whatever I have to if you can't figure out what's wrong with utorrent.There are a few reasons why you might be experiencing slow downloads. I'd rather not have to use vuze, it is FAR to commercial for my tastes and I vastly prefer the utorrent interface. I recently updated spybot and then had to remove the stupid proxy it now comes with but utorrent worked with pirate bay after that so that's not it. I use avast as my antivirus, and have been for a while. So I did what drpepper did, I tried vuze, and the torrents work just fine using vuze, no problems at all.īecause I know people will ask (although I know it doesn't matter because it works with vuze just fine) I'm running windows 7 64bit ultimate, and have been for awhile. All torrents go straight to "checked" after they finish the metadata step. The version of utorrent I use is 3.3.2 and about a week ago it just stopped downloading from pirate bay. Anxious to hear comments on this and discussion about this topic. PS, As I said I began to have these issues about 2 wks ago and I was then using uTorremt 3.3 and I was since alerted of the update/upgrade of uTorrent 3.3.1 which I upgraded to and hoping that it might have been created due to these issues and that it was a fix but not to be as the problem remains. Thanks to all for any info and on any light anyone can shed on this.

Vuze stopped working after update (3)

We shall see Thanks for your help with all my frustrations. So my question is simply this, does anyone here know about the issue and what the problem is and what is causing uTorrent not to work as normal and as usual as always before and what with vuze working and all? I would much appreciate to hear what the issue is and what the fix or workaround is as uTorrent is by far my favorite and I would much appreciate and prefer to stay with it. I do not know if PIA did a new upgrade, if they did I did not see it. So after about 2 wks of this and thinking the problem is/was with piratebay alone or alone today I decided to try vuze, which worked, and also noticing that the piratebay indexes showed new and continuing uploads from members and no chatter about interrupts or blocks or downed servers or downright major stoppages or total disruption. The torrent downloads just stop or are dropped from active status and just don't restart or stay in a checking status but don't download. What brings me here today is that I've been using uTorrent for a few years and suddenly after having heard about 2 wks or so ago about piratebay being hit with denial of service (ddos) attacks and blocking attacks, sure enough I began to have problems with the site with downloads from/thru them with my usual and fave bittorent client uTorrent and have continued in this state since.

Vuze stopped working after update (4)

"Hi fellow forum members from a new member here. While I was searching for a solution to this problem I ran across this closed topic here in the utorrent forums.


Vuze stopped working after update (2024)
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