Love Is Blind's Alexa Reacts To 'Absolutely Shocking' Cheating Scandal Between SK And Raven (2024)

Love Is Blind's Alexa Reacts To 'Absolutely Shocking' Cheating Scandal Between SK And Raven (1)

This article includes SPOILERS for Love Is Blind Season 3’s After The Altar episodes.

The most rollercoaster of a relationship on Love Is Blind Season 3 has got to be Raven and SK’s, right? Honestly, when the initial season was rolling out, I thought them to be among the more stable couples, but over the past few months, it’s been revealed that this was not the case. Following the events of the season, cheating allegations befell SK and now the new Ater The Altar episodes have confirmed them to be true. At least we aren’t the only one’s surprised here, as their fellow contestant on the Alexa shared her shock for the revelations as well.

When it comes to reality shows, loads of times there’s been elements revealed later to viewers that didn’t show up in the edit. But, when it comes to how Raven and SK’s relationship unfolded across Season 3, Alexa Lemieux revealed to People that she found what happened to be "absolutely shocking” just like us. Here’s what else she said about the whole thing:

It sucks when it's your friend going through that, but you're also like, 'I was bamboozled too.' Raven's amazing, and I think that everything really does happen for a reason. And I think that it's great that — not the way that everything happened, but that she knows now rather than later on and that she can find someone really incredible.

Of all the Season 3 couples’ stories, Alexa and Brennon have the most stable of stories, as they built up their relationship without drama before they actually got married during the experiment and are now even talking about kids, per Us Weekly. But, when it comes to putting in her two cents on what went down with Raven and SK, Alexa shared she feels “bamboozled” regarding what happened, but is choosing to look at the bright side regarding Raven’s future love life.

As Lemieux shared, she thinks everything happens for a reason and now that Raven has seen SK’s true character, she can perhaps find the right person for her next. There were certainly a lot of ups and downs for the couple during the initial season. For one, they met one another just as SK was planning to attend college in another state, which would force them to have a long distance relationship after saying “I do.”

At the couple’s wedding at the end of the season, SK ultimately rejected Raven at the altar in a super emotional moment that left Raven “shocked.” During the reunion episode, it was revealed that the couple had gotten back together after the wedding and we’re giving the long distance thing a shot. However, following the episode airing a couple of viral TikToks claimed SK was with other women. SK called the allegations “falsely misrepresented with malicious intent” during a Thanksgiving day statement.

In After The Altar, it is revealed that SK proposed to Raven after the initial experiment but after their second engagement she learned that he had been unfaithful and their relationship is now “over.” The pilates instructor shared that the revelation was “so hard” because she felt like the cheating element did not line up with the person she thought she was with.


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While it’s an unhappy ending for SK and Raven, we wish them both the best on their journeys to find their person. Now that Season 3 has officially played out, check out what we know about Netflix’s Love Is Blind Season 4.

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Love Is Blind's Alexa Reacts To 'Absolutely Shocking' Cheating Scandal Between SK And Raven (2024)
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