Kylie reveals her secret 'lipo scars' that fans say she 'failed to airbrush out' (2024)

KYLIE Jenner's fans are wondering if she poorly edited her recent selfies after they noticed a specific detail on her arm.

The Kardashians star shared new Instagram photos promoting Glow, a sparkling hydration beverage, while holding the product up to her mouth.




Kylie, 26, appeared to have been freshly showered as her hair was slicked back and wet for the selfie shots.

The Khy founder was seen in a plunging black sports bra, which allowed her to flaunt her toned arms and plenty of cleavage.

One of Kylie's arms was pushed away from her body, showing a difference in color and a few creases that had fans questioning if the shot was photoshopped.

"What’s up with your arm pit??" one person wrote on Reddit, accompanied by a zoomed-in shot of the Hulu star's arm.

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"And this why we talk s**t cause why do you need to photoshop regular s**t. There just wasn’t a need for this lmao. And it looks crazy," a second replied.

"Could it be loose skin from rapid weight loss?" a third asked, and someone replied, "It's photo editing."

"It could be…also she’s tried to airbrush it in the last picture but it’s failed …it’s normal to have skin creases etc…should have left it be," another replied.

One person asked if the strange detail could have been from a former liposuction procedure.

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"Lipo scar? Don’t they suck it through the armpit area now?" they wrote.

Others simply agreed that the photo's result was from "bad photoshopping."

"She edited her armpit," someone said.

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"It was probably too dark and had a little bit of chub," another pondered.


Earlier this week, Kylie, who recently launched her own line of canned vodka sodas, shared more selfies that had fans questioning what they were seeing.

TheKardashianwas rocking a tight black halter top that pushed her breasts up once more as she stood in the middle of her bedroom.

Kylie played around with various lighting for the shots, which each emphasized her facial features in a different way.

With her face looking practically perfect, fans called out the reality star once more for editing the shots.

"This looks AI-generated," one person wrote on Reddit.

"Ky-lie you don’t look like that sis," a second replied.

"I’m ngl I think she looks really pretty in this but it just doesn’t look like her lmao," said another.

"It's an hour of f**king around on photoshop," another critic wrote.


Amid Photoshop speculation, Kylie switched things up and shared an unedited selfie next to her best friend Stassie Karanikolaou.

Kylie was completely makeup-free as she and Stassie lounged on the couch for a Bachelor viewing party.


The close-up shot showed off her real skin texture as the star has recently been under major plastic surgery scrutiny.

Though only half of her face was visible in the shot, fans could see Kylie's pores, freckles, and wrinkles.

Fans were supportive of the celeb for exposing her real appearance in the selfie, gushing over her natural look on Reddit.


However, Kylie recently faced criticism while celebrating her new canned co*cktail, Sprinter.

She was accused of undergoing a chin implant surgeryafter fans saw photos from her Sprinter launch party.

Photos from the event captured Kylie wearing a skintight black minidress and heels as she partied with family and friends.

Upon closer inspection, fans noticed that the 26-year-old's chin looked different than in other recent photos.

"Kylie.. omg. Looks like an underbite," one person wrote, while a second added, "IT'S GIANT."

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Kylie reveals her secret 'lipo scars' that fans say she 'failed to airbrush out' (11)

Kylie Jenner is the youngest of Kris Jenner‘s children. She is best known for starring alongside her sisters on the Kardashians reality shows, while also being a model, socialite and the founder of multiple businesses: Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Skin, Kylie Baby, and Kylie Swim.

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"There’s also a difference between a natural big chin and a chin implant I would say," another said.

Around the same time, some critics called out the star's nose for seeming to be wider and flatter than usual.

A photo circulated from Kylie's event earlier this week, where she promoted Sprinter's store launch.

Kylie stood with her packaged drinks at a liquor store inLos Angelesalongside her sisterKendall Jenner's818 Tequila.

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Kylie rocked a tight black outfit and heels as she smiled for the shot, which some fans believed was unedited after noticing her nose looking larger.




Kylie reveals her secret 'lipo scars' that fans say she 'failed to airbrush out' (2024)
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