Busted Mugshots Pitt County Nc (2024)

1. Jail Bookings | reflector.com


2. Detainee Search - Pitt County NC

  • Detainee Search. This application provides charge, sentence, and bond information regarding individuals currently detained at the Pitt County Detention ...

  • This application provides charge, sentence, and bond information regarding individuals currently detained at the Pitt County Detention Center. Records can be accessed either by full booking number or full or partial names. To view all active detainees, click Get Detainee on the Detainee Search page.

3. Pitt County Jail Bookings (@PittCountyMugs) / X

  • Tweets the daily mugshots from Pitt County, NC. Not affiliated with the Pitt County Sheriffs Department. #mugshots #jailBookings #police #crime.

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4. Busted Mugshots Greenville Nc

5. Pitt County NC -- Charges Inquiry Search

  • This application provides charge and bond information regarding individuals currently charged at the Pitt County Detention Center. Records can be accessed ...

  • Records are available from 4/1/2024 through 5/1/2024

6. Pitt County Mugshots, Arrests, And Inmate Search - InfoTracer

  • Search Pitt County Jail Bookings, arrests and mugshots, alongside details about the Pitt County Detention Center, sheriff, and further detailed criminal ...

  • Search Pitt County Jail Bookings, arrests and mugshots, alongside details about the Pitt County Detention Center, sheriff, and further detailed criminal statistics.

7. Current Arrests - M.C.S.O. - Monroe County Sheriff's Office

  • ZOLOT, KATHERINE ROSE was arrested on 04/29/2024 at 23:17 · Age: 33 Gender: F Race: W · Address: CARBORRO, NC · Occupation: Unknown · Arrest Location: 409 COCONUT ...

  • For case dispositions, and for detailed information on criminal and civil court cases, visit the Monroe County Clerk of the Courts web site. For information on court dates and judges calendars, visit the 16th Judicial State Courts web site.

8. News - WITN

  • Website ranks Jones County second in lowest cost of living in North Carolina ... Scientists with NC Pure are ... Pitt County deputies today released surveillance ...

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9. Inmate Roster - Current Inmates Booking Date Descending

  • Hempstead County SHERIFF'S OFFICE. Non-Emergency ... Mugshot of OLIVER, KIMBERLY M. OLIVER, KIMBERLY M ... Mugshot of BROWN, ADRIAN. BROWN, ADRIAN. Booking ...

  • Departments & Resources

10. Guilford County, NC - Inmate Search

  • Nov 10, 2022 · If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Sheriff's Office Detention Centers in Greensboro, (336) 641-2700; High Point, (336) ...

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11. The Daily Reflector

  • Crime Roundup: Suspects sought in Fountain robbery. 37 mins ago. The Pitt County Sheriff's Office is seeking the public's help to identify suspects in the ...

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12. Inmate Inquiry - Rowan County Sheriff's Office P2C

  • 0, ADAIR, CHRISTY JOVEDA (W /F/48), ADAIR, CHRISTY, JOVEDA, White, Female, 48, PROBATION VIOLATION, 04/04/2024, Rowan County Sheriff`S ...

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14. Remembering Billy Hahn - Shoe: Untied

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Busted Mugshots Pitt County Nc (2024)


Are mugshots public in North Carolina? ›

Under current North Carolina law, any record held by a public entity may be public record, including booking photos.

Is there an app to see local mugshots? ›

JailBase provides arrest information to the public. Browse recent arrests, use our jail inmate search or view county mugshots all in one place. You can search for arrested persons you might know, and even get notified if someone you know gets arrested.

What county is Greenville, NC in? ›

Greenville-Pitt County is centrally situated to serve the largest concentration of population and industry in eastern North Carolina (more than 815,000 people within 45 miles).

How do you look up local mugshots? ›

Your local police station should have arrest records for the city. Stop in during normal business hours to request a report. You may need to fill out a form and pay a processing fee. Arrest records are public records, so they should be generally available.

How to find mugshots in NC online? ›

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety, the North Carolina Sex Offender and Public Protection Registry, county sheriff's office websites, and city police websites often have mugshot photos available. Other ways to access and view mugshots are third-party sites, which could charge a fee.

What is the best website for mugshots? ›

mugshots.com's top 5 competitors in April 2024 are: arrests.org, arrestfacts.com, bustedmugshots.com, findmugshots.com, and more.

Did Google remove mugshots? ›

Google Policies for Removing Mugshots

If you are looking to remove mugshots from Google search results, you'll first need to delete them from the site where it was initially posted. It's important to understand that Google won't take down personal information simply because you ask.

Why does MobilePatrol not work anymore? ›

The app was shut down because it was not run by the sheriff's office and did not always provide citizens with the most accurate or up-to-date information, said Marquette County Sheriff Greg Zyburt.

What is Pitt County, NC known for? ›

Pitt County, also known as the Greenville, NC MSA, is one of the fastest growing urban centers in North Carolina. It is also a leading retail center in eastern North Carolina and ranks as one of only a dozen billion dollar retail markets in the state.

Who is Pitt County, NC named for? ›

Pitt County got its name from William Pitt, Earl of Chatham. William Pitt was an English statesman and orator, born in London, England, UK. He studied at Oxford University and in 1731, Pitt joined the army.

Why is Greenville called G-Vegas? ›

Why is Greenville Called G Vegas? The nickname "G Vegas" likely originated from locals who playfully compared their beloved city to Las Vegas due to its lively entertainment scene and vibrant nightlife.

Is North Carolina a public record state? ›

North Carolinians are entitled to see any public record. Public bodies must conduct business in public. The Attorney General's Office issues opinions reminding government entities of their obligations under these laws and how to comply.

How do I get rid of mugshots in NC? ›

In North Carolina, you may petition for expungement under specific conditions, which, if granted, legally allows for the deletion of your arrest record and mugshot from public view.

How do I find out if someone is in jail in North Carolina? ›

One way is to visit the website of the county sheriff's office where the inmate is incarcerated. Many county sheriff's offices have an online inmate search tool that allows you to search for inmates using their name, date of birth, or booking number.

Are mugshots public record in USA? ›

Law Enforcement Agencies and Mugshot Websites

Mugshots and arrest details are available to the public through your local county office(s). Most of the time, you can locate these records on Google within minutes.

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