34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (2024)

Have you yet discovered the joy of cooking with fireball whiskey recipes? Fireball is an amazing addition when used for drinks, but it can also add a kick to all sorts of recipes, from desserts to dips to dinner. Wow, is all I have to say whenever I try drinks, desserts or pretty much any food made with fireball.

What is fireball whiskey, anyway?

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky is a combo of whiskey, cinnamon flavor and sweetener, produced by Sazerac Company. In 2018, fireball whiskey is best-selling liqueur in the United States.


With the holidays coming up, fireball recipes are the perfect creative idea to make for those parties where you need to take a little something along. With 34 recipe ideas to choose from, you can take pie, cake and cookies, chicken, beef and ribs. I’ve been trying out these fireball ideas all year and can’t wait for you to try some of these, too. Fireball cinnamon whisky is the key ingredient for these awesome fireball recipes and you are sure to find more than a few you can’t stop making. Whether you just need a new dessert idea to showcase your love of all things Fireball or you want to impress the next time you need a fun recipe idea for a potluck, we’ve tested all of these and just can’t stop making them.

1. Salted Fireball Dulce De Leche Truffles


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (1)

Chocolate and fireball go so well together, it’s kinda crazy. I tried this dulce de leche truffle recipe made with fireball whiskey, and I’ve not made a better dessert ever. You’ll be dreaming about these, and if you take them to a party, don’t expect to bring any home. Spiked with fireball liquor, this chocolate truffle recipe is so good, you are going to be asked to share it. One of my favorite fireball whiskey desserts, this recipe is simple but oh so yummy.

2. Atomic Fireball Applesauce


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (2)

If you haven’t yet tried fireball applesauce, you are in for such a treat. It is like your favorite homemade cinnamon applesauce, you know the one made with Red Hots, went and grew up. Fireball cinnamon whiskey adds such an amazing flavor to this homemade applesauce recipe. This ain’t your grandma’s applesauce with plain ol Red Hots, that’s for sure. Kick it up a notch with this fireball whiskey recipe for applesauce with a kick.

3. Fireball Whisky Apple Pie


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (3)

An apple pie that stands above all other thanks to the not so secret anymore ingredient of Fireball Whisky. If you are in the market for some of the best Thanksgiving dessert recipes, this fireball pie is a winner.

4. Fireball Whiskey Marshmallows


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (4)

Hot chocolate doesn’t get any better than the version where you add these fireball marshmallows. Learn how to make fireball marshmallows for yourself, then make another batch or two to wrap up and give away for Christmas gifts. I love adding these yummy homemade Fireball marshmallows to Fireball drinks for a super spicy beverage to serve at parties.

5. Smoked Fireball Whisky Meatballs


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (5)

We just found the recipe you’ll be taking to your next potluck dinner, thank you. Yummy fireball whisky meatballs are quick and easy to make but just simply amazing. The glaze on these little patties of goodness is the stuff you dream about at night.

6. RumChata Blondies with Fireball Cream Cheese Frosting


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (6)

After trying a few of these fireball whiskey recipes, I am starting to see why fireball alcohol is the top-selling liquor in the US right now. Not only are fireball whiskey drinks some of the best and most popular, but fireball desserts and appetizers just leave you wanting more. This recipe for fireball blonde brownies is no exception. Topped with fireball cream cheese icing and if you like, a few cinnamon red hots, this is a super treat to take along to your office holiday Christmas party or your next backyard barbecue.

7. Fireball Whisky Pumpkin Pie


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (7)

We know what you should be making for Thanksgiving dessert. The best pies belong at every Thanksgiving dinner, so this Fireball Whiskey Pumpkin Pie belongs at yours. Make several, people are sure to eat all of it. I had to take three to my office last year, because it is that popular. Pumpkin pie recipe lovers, look no further than this amazing variation to add to your Thanksgiving recipe list.

8. Fireball Poke Cake


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (8)

Who knew you could make poke cake with Fireball. Making a poke cake was already fun, but when you add Fireball to the mix, it gets even better. For an easy dessert idea that all are sure to love, look no further than this easy dessert recipe idea.

9. Fireball Whiskey Glazed Chicken


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (9)

Fireball chicken on the grill, what better dish could you serve at your next barbecue? I love chicken breast recipes, but this one has a unique flavor and a sweet kick, too.

10. Fireball Whiskey Sauce


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (10)

11. Fireball Pineapple


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (11)

12. Fireball Jello Shots Cupcakes


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (12)

13. Fireball Whisky Baby Back Ribs


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (13)

14. Fireball French Toast


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (14)

15. Fireball No Bake Cookies


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (15)

16. Festive Fireball Fudge


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (16)

17. Fireball Glazed Fresh Apple Cake


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (17)

18. Fireball Rice Krispies


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (18)

19. Fireball Apple Fritters


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (19)

20. Apple and Cinnamon Cupcakes With Fireball Whiskey Frosting


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (20)

21. Spicy Cinnamon Whiskey Pumpkin Pie


22. Fireball Fondue


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (22)

23. Fireball Apple Crisp


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (23)

24. Fireball Apple Crumble


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (24)

25. Whiskey Walnut Spice Cake


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (25)

26. Fireball Whiskey Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (26)

27. Fireball Whisky Nuts


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (27)

28. Apple Fritter Bread Pudding


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (28)

29. Glazed Sweet Potatoes with Honey Whiskey Pecans


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (29)

30. Slow-Cooker Fireball Chicken Wings


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (30)

31. Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey Ribs


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (31)

32. Bora Bora Fireballs


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (32)

33. Spicy Fireball Buffalo Fries


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (33)

34. Fireball Pineapple Grilled on Rotisserie and Caramelized


34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (34)

34 Fireball Whiskey Recipes (2024)
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